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Here’s The Pocket-Sized Drone That Will Change The Way You Take Photos Forever

Try to picture having a tiny drone inside your pocket and use it for a million ways you could ever imagine. Well, this idea is really happening. In fact, millions of people are swapping their selfie sticks for these cute and tiny drones.

Take a look at my photo below. This just proves that selfie technology has been reaching new heights. This shot is from SelfieDrone7s. This drone is foldable, lightweight and a 4K type drone that is really unique. The secret behind this picture is that I
threw the drone up in the air until it spun around and recognized me, then I waved at it. Perfect selfie!  


I have checked a lot of drones that have promising cameras that take breathtaking photos and videos but it is better if there’s a drone that has it all. A pocket-size, easy to fly drone that can capture high definition videos and shot beautiful photos. The SelfieDrone7s is the drone come true! The issue here is that many people don’t know how to fly drones since it’s complicated, it’s bulky, it’s controller should be charged, overall, it’s not convenient. So here comes the answer to it all: SelfieDrone7s. It is equipped with topnotch technology in the drone world, producing a small and lightweight drone that you can easily put in your pocket.

This drone is unique from all the drones out there because anyone can use this. Anyone meaning even your great grandmother can use it. It’s also stable up in the air so you don’t worry anymore on how to make it fly. Simply take it out, put it wherever you want, and control everything just through the application. Don’t mind the flying part anymore, this drone was built for your convenience and it’s built to use it like a smartphone.

This drone even gets more popular, all thanks to pop culture. Celebrities and influencers love being able to control everything about their photos. Even without arms, the SelfieDrone7s camera operator can capture the best selfies than any other smartphones.   Since this drone gains more popularity, the price is expected to also increase.

BEWARE OF FAKES! There are some videos circulating that are promoting fake versions of SelfieDrone7s. The Facebook seller was selling it for an unreasonable price which is a sign that it’s fake. Yeembe sells the original model so make sure you buy directly at the store, and not from anywhere with a fake version.

Before anything else, let us discuss what makes this drone different from the rest. Obviously, this drone’s advantage is its small size and lightweight that makes it easy to carry around in your pocket. Another thing is its ability to fly and how easy they can be controlled. The SelfieDrone7s allows you to control your photos with just an app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, so now it’s easier to fly and control drones even to amateur pilots who likes to take more selfies than to worry about controls.

This drone is independent and can fly by themselves in several predetermined ways. It means that you can command the drone to follow you, to focus on you, or even just flying it around. You can even do all of this even when you are moving. The idea is simply telling the drone to follow you and capture your adventures. How cool is that?  

Is This A Game Changer or Just Another Hype?

With sharp images like that, the drone might soar higher than the usual click and save digital photography. Imagine a hard drive filled with amazing pictures of you and the whole group, not thinking about angles just so you could hide the double chin, not thinking about getting cropped from the scene, the memory remains as how we remember it.

Now it’s possible to look at the picture on your phone and you control the picture how you wanted it to be. You only have to think about manipulating the photo and you don’t have to worry about what the drone is doing. If you want to zoom in on the photo, you just need the help of your fingers in manipulating. The phone will command the drone to come a little closer.

Due to high demand, there’s only a limited supply for SelfieDrone7s that ships free! CHECK IT OUT NOW!  

My Final Thoughts: SelfieDrone7s has got superb features like no other. Despite its affordable price, it is built in with GPS so that you can use your phone or tablet with the app to create a flight path for the quadcopter to follow, allowing the drone to shoot in a sweeping motion. It also has downward sensors so that its stays in place and hover while capturing the scenic shot. SelfieDrone7s has got a flight time of 8 minutes which is an impressive record for this type. And you can always get a spare battery since it’s easily replaceable so you have more flight time for your drone.  

But Will This Work For You?

With its price at $109, this pocket sized drone is loaded with latest technology: it comes with a 4K resolution, 13-megapixel camera, equipped with face detection, compass, altitude monitor, GPS and Wi-Fi. It doesn’t come with a compact remote but you can easily control it with your smartphone. Also, you can connect to the Wi-Fi so that you can have a strong internet connection.

The drone flew from my palm without any hassle, but I was really impressed when it landed on my hand. Once you put your hand under its downward angle camera, it detects your palm and gently lands on it. It immediately turns off the propellers as soon as it lands on your palm.

The Verdict:

SelfieDrone7s wins the award for best looks, portability, convenience, all in a pocket size. However, it can still improve on its controls, video and battery life. One best feature of SelfieDrone7s is its capability to take flight and land at your palm at the same time. The user friendly interface lets you decide if you want to have this feature when you want to take off and land. Absolutely worth it!


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